Taking the Leap

Well I can honestly say, I never thought I would create a Blog.   Yes I am a Facebook-er and an avid iPhone user but a Blogger?  Not me …. but never say never.    I guess that is the lesson one learns as one become “older” or more kindly put, “experienced” that the things that we did not think we would ever do in our twenties seem to be our reality in our forties.   I did not think as a budding Microbiology major in University that I would ever teach but it seems Life sees differently.  Since graduating with a BSc I have been teaching constantly since.   I started out with two years in Central Africa teaching girls upper level Science and Math and then here and there ever since from Roots of Empathy to creative problem solving with Odyssey of the Mind.

To formally become a certified teacher in the Provincial Instructor’s Program is the next leap in this unpredictable but life learning journey.   So hello Blog, here we go…